Innovative Solutions.

Duo Capital Group.

Duo Capital is an investor in innovative companies with patentable solutions.

Duo Technologies

DuoTech provides Australian and New Zealand food exporting businesses with secure authentication services to protect their business against counterfeit whilst adding value to the company’s brand and worth.

DuoTech has an extensive suite of products and services available. With its own development lab based in Melbourne, DuoTech has the capability to develop unique products customised to the needs of the business.

Bebi Drinks

Bebi® is the world’s first specialised beverage company, aimed at delivering ‘better choice’ beverages for children. Bebi has been recognised for its innovative packaging solutions:

  • Three gold medals at the Australian Packaging Design Awards
  • A WorldStar Global Packaging Award
  • Best Innovation in Packaging for Food and Beverage at Gulfoods 2013, Dubai, UAE

Tamper Proof Technology

Tamper Proof Technologies manufactures anti-doping specimen containers with a unique and advanced closure/locking system. Our technology is especially designed for the needs of anti-doping agencies as well as horse and dog racing entities globally.

The Tamper Proof specimen closure/locking system will also be of interest to police, military, pathology labs and others wishing to ensure the integrity of specimen analysis.

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